Wake up to the Hidden Wisdom in YourLife at the Breakthrough Event of 2014

The pace of our culture is not slowing down, and the need to integrate real wisdom teachings and the actual techniques into our lives continues to move beyond fear, succeed, achieve and have enough time to enjoy the fruits of our efforts.


Wisdom is THE key ingredient that is used by all the organizations, successful entrepreneurs, best selling authors and employees that have achieved the greatest successes worldwide.

More and more people are integrating wisdom into their modern life – both online and offline – so they can learn to focus, connect authentically, empathize and have a vibrant sustainable life.

The best news is that you don’t have to be seasoned to have the wisdom. There are actually a set of step by step techniques and rules that will allow you to become the one with this wisdom, so that you can be the one sought after rather than the seeker.

Now is a time when more people are driven to achieve their
hearts desire and make it on their own

Access to your innate wisdom is gained when you awaken certain parts of your brain, body, cellular memory, energetics and all the elements of what you’ve learned and when you combine a specific unlocking formula you achieve greater and greater amounts of:

  • Access
  • Intuition
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Success
  • Higher Knowledge

Wisdom is organized life.

Wisdom is organized life.

What about you?  Can you recognize yourself in one of these 3 scenarios:

  1. You’re doing ok but you know there’s much more
  2. You have this inner drive to seek the answers but no one seems to be giving them
  3. You attend events and hear that you’re going to achieve something, be given a technique and then you get there and the techniques aren’t taught or shared. You’re left feeling empty and a little inspired

If you see yourself in even one of these, then I can help you with my proven principles at the I Am Success Now Wisdom conference.

For 3 unforgettable days we will explore the wisdom of your soul in ways that you’ve never experienced.  You will gain a deeper awareness of who you are, discovering your strengths and how to tap into them to achieve your fullest potential.

…and you can be next.

I have been attending events for the past two years watching and hearing the frustrations.


you are making strides and life happens and you get off course and often give up.

It is often only at the last minute that you turn back.

Learning the techniques that come from the highest places of learning won’t get you through and into that joyous place your soul is yearning to be in.

When you access the hidden abilities of your wisdom is when you are able to consistently move into your Golden Flow™.

Every once in a while you’ll get into the flow but then just as quickly get off track.

What if you were to have that flow daily, regularly, any time you desire?

The ancients teaching share wisdom hidden in parables.

Current leaders hint at wisdom and now you have access to the exact methods, that will take you into that Golden Flow™ 


Golden Flow™ is when everything lines up. You’re aligned in your mind, your body, your relationships, your health, your actions and your business.

This Golden Flow™ method is just like taking the golden filament that you are born with and adding onto it for stronger and stronger threads and weave the ability to succeed at anything any time you desire.

Yes, there is a process.

Yes, there is a methodology.

Yes, you can access this on your own.

But if you try to do this on your own then you spend your entire lifetime adding granules of sand to the pile when you could get the inner working and actual teachings from someone who has direct access.

That’s what degrees are supposed to get you, but they don’t.

There is wisdom is locked inside and waiting for the keys to achieve the gold in your business, environment and life.



At the I Am Success Now Wisdom conference you will learn:

  • about the cycles of success – there are cycles of success in our day, week and year and we will share how to access those cycles and apply them to your business, job, health, life
  • how to access the wisdom locked inside of your DNA
  • how to avoid crashing and burning while you are accelerating your success and breakthroughs
  • how to access the wisdom in your lineage and bring that into your life
  • how to stick with it, stop quitting, and be true to your calling
  • the powerful techniques to believing in yourself and what is possible

When you have harnessed this knowledge for yourself, it will open up the floodgates of all kinds of amazing occurrences in your life, including:

  • More abundance
  • Better health
  • More loving and deeper relationships
  • Fewer roadblocks, detours and setbacks
  • A clearer vision of an ideal future

…and this is just the beginning. 


Join me, Sheevaun, as I take you through some deep processes that will shift your core and while I share an ancient acceleration technique called “Golden Flow”.


If you’re here, then heed that call and be here November 2014 then it’s time to take action.

Get into the Golden Flow™ NOW!

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